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track lights - track lighting illustration
track lights - track lighting illustration
Track Lighting Illustration
kitchen track lighting with curved track Track lighting, developed during the late 1960s, consists of a series of lights mounted on a track that acts as an extended power source.  Introduced more than 30 years ago, track lighting made spotlighting popular in the home.  While track lighting was initially bulky, overly bright, and unappealing, today's low-voltage track lights are more streamlined and attractive.

Lighting tracks are either free form or fixed form.  On a free form track, the number of spotlights, as well as their position on the track, is flexible.  In addition, multiple light fixture types from the same track lighting manufacturer can often be combined on the same track.  For instance, spotlights can be used for accent lighting on one part of the track while a pendant light can overhang a table in another area.  The track carries the current, and the lights are plugged in, via a connector, whenever they are needed.

free form lighting track with track lighting fixture On a fixed form track, several light fixtures are already attached at pre-determined intervals.  The angle and swivel of the individual lights can usually be adjusted, but they can't be repositioned along the track.  Although fixed track lighting is less versatile than free track lighting, it is economical and convenient for a variety of uses, and today it is the most common form of track lighting used in residential applications.  The price of fixed form track lighting makes it an affordable choice for people of all budgets.

Both types of track lighting are available in 120 volt and low voltage versions, with power delivered directly or via a transformer to one end of the track.  Lighting tracks are most often mounted on the ceiling, but may be mounted on a wall or even a floor.  Straight track sections may be joined to form longer straight or angled runs.  And while curved track can be expensive, it is readily available.  In rooms with high ceilings, track lighting can be hung on cables or rods, allowing for dramatic uplighting effects.

halogen track lighting In recent years, track lighting has been further refined and is now available in bare wire formats for those who are seeking a minimalist look.  In this dramatically appealing setup, two tensioned cables support small, low-voltage lights that can be repositioned along the twin cables.  This type of lighting is very low-voltage — 12 volts — allowing them to be touched and moved safely.  These types of lights are usually connected via a transformer to a power source, and are tensioned from wall to wall or from ceiling to floor.  While bare wire lighting has traditionally been used in museums and for displaying objects, it is being used more and more in the home, particularly in contemporary homes that are best served by its dramatic effect.  Some bare wire lights can even be moved along the wires by remote control!

On this site,, you can find lighting suppliers who offer an extensive selection of track lighting fixtures for residential and commercial applications.  You can also connect with a prescreened lighting designer or installer in your local area.  If you are interested in saving money, you can shop at ebay and bid for new and used track lighting products.

Track Lighting Dealers

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    Versatile and adaptable, track lighting allows you to configure a lighting scheme that's custom made for your unique, individual needs.  Track lighting is perfect for highlighting artwork, collections or architectural details, and it can also provide general or task illumination for an entire room.

Track Lighting Manufacturers

  • Lightolier
    "Lighting that makes a difference."  Residential and commercial track lighting and recessed lighting.
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    Recessed, track, and surface luminaires for commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial applications.
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    Architectural grade Trac lighting fixtures and designs.
  • GE - Track and Recessed Lighting
    Incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent track light bulbs.
  • Tech Lighting
    Offers a line of architectural grade low-voltage lighting systems.
  • W.A.C. Lighting
    Features a series of track lighting and downlighting products for home and commercial use.
lighting track cross section, showing copper electrical conductors

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